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21 listopada 2022 r. ( poniedziałek) godz. 9:30 i 12:30 
22 listopada 2022 r. (wtorek) godz. 9:00 i 12:00


TNT Theatre Britain presents:


A CHRISTMAS CAROL - video trailer


written by Charles Dickens

adapted by Paul Stebbings & Phil Smith
directed by Paul Stebbings and Christian Flint
music composed by Thomas Johnson


A Christmas Carolis more than a seasonal entertainment. It is one of the greatest examples of transformation of
character in Western literature. Ebenezer Scrooge starts as a selfish and mean “killjoy” and ends up as a kind,
generous and selfless human being. He also learns to enjoy himself and the company of others. The story achieves this
transformation on a single night, with the help of three spirits and a ghost. Our version treats the play as a serious
journey through the horrors of Victorian London but also aims to create the sense of fun and happiness that Scrooge
so badly needs. The musical score, by noted composer Thomas Johnson, is particularly effective in charting the
different moods and atmospheres of this rich and varied tale.


Przewidywana długość spektaklu:
1. act 50 min.
przerwa 15 min.
2. act 45 min.
razem: 1h i 50 min.


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